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About Paul Dee

About Paul Dee

In 2012 Paul was invited to join ‘The Professional Magic Circle’ which is an organisation set up by its benefactors, exclusively for professional working magicians, to explore magical concepts for the purposes of entertainment. It is a active forum for developing the concepts of Magical Arts beyond the bounds of traditional card magic. We develop concepts around the use of Mentalism, Hypnotism, the Psychology of Magic, Children’s’ Entertainment, Stage Craft and the use of New Technologies to co-operatively provide the most entertaining live entertainment in its class. Comprising of the best professional entertainers in their field that are willing to learn and share the secrets to success and continuously provide quality professional entertainment.

Paul began his venture into the world of entertainment as a teenager writing and performing award winning comedy in variety show competitions winning a scholarship with the Dublin Youth Theatre. He went on to perform at the Cork Opera House as a guest of Summer Revels and in several productions of the Swans. Meanwhile at the Everyman Paul appeared in many comedy revues and straight plays with a range of production companies, and toured Germany and Switzerland with ‘The Green Machine.’

When the Everyman Theatre relocated to McCurtain Street, Cork, Paul wrote the script for, and performed in the first three Everyman/CADA Pantomimes and he also wrote and directed the fourth, a Production of Aladdin. This is when Paul felt compelled to delve into the realms of Magical Arts and managed to produce the first levitation of a human being without resorting to wires or hydraulic rams, at the newly reopened Theatre.

Shortly afterwards, an informal group of magic enthusiasts began meeting casually at a local hotel. Recognising the need for a formal structure to promote magical arts among young enthusiasts, Paul founded the IBM Ring 363 on Valentine’s Day 2006. The IBM has over 75,000 members in over 73 countries and is a great resource for aspiring Magicians and enthusiasts alike.

Intrigued by the psychology behind the art of magic, Paul discovered Hypnosis and was amazed to find that it was in fact a phenomenon that had a multitude of applications. A sceptic at first, Paul was so impressed with his first encounter that he went on to study clinical psychoanalysis using hypnosis and graduated with the highest qualification available in Hypno-therapy and Psycho-therapy through hypnosis. Paul’s combination of skills and experience led him to touch the lives of many people who suffered from fears, phobias and many other issues where ‘frame of mind’ is a contributing factor.



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Writer-director Paul Dennehy and the self-styled Zany Gang just keep getting better. Dennehy explicitly sets out to find a synthesis between traditional fairytale and modern video-age entertainments – and his success is clear

Gerry McCarthy, Sunday Times. February 6, 2014