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Clinical Hypnosis

Radio Listener’s Fear of Flying Cured

The world of the paranormal fused with the real world some weeks ago a lady called Tina phoned the Neil Prenderville programme on Cork’s 96FM and explained that her husband had booked a family holiday to Florida at the end of June. All very pleasant except, Tina has an extreme fear of flying and she didn’t feel able to face the journey and it was out of desperation that she phoned the radio station looking for help. Tina felt that she had three possible options; firstly she could take copious amounts of alcohol; secondly, she could seek prescribed medication or, she could stay at home and simply not go on the holiday. None of these prospects appealed to her and with just two weeks to go, she was lost for an effective solution and was about to throw in the towel.

Neil suggested she should speak with hypnotist Paul Dee who came on air during the programme and asked Tina about her fear. “I had no problem with flying up to four years ago” she explained. “We were returning from holidays and the plane experienced some rough turbulence and I panicked”. Tina went on to recall how she had flown after the incident but each time her fear grew more intense to the point where she would go through bouts of diarrhoea and vomiting before the flight and would be highly distressed and very ill for the duration of the journey. Then she would spend the first week of her holiday recovering from the ordeal and the second week dreading the return flight knowing that she was going to go through it all again. Tina had arrived at a point where she just couldn’t take any more. Tina also found it extremely difficult to talk about flying, the mere thought of it would cause her palms to sweat and she’d become emotionally upset.

Paul explained that fear is a learned response and can be very debilitating though it is easily treated using hypnosis. And though conventional hypnotherapy could take up to ten weeks to get results Paul agreed to help Tina in just two weeks using his ‘Breakthrough Method’ of hypnosis.

Paul met with Tina for four sessions of hypnosis and during that time Paul was able to uncover the real cause of Tina’s fear which was buried deep in her subconscious. Now that the repressed memory is released into her conscious awareness Tina understands where her fear originated and how it manifested itself during that turbulent flight four years ago. “The thing about fear is that once you learn how to understand the origin of the fear and face it in the cold light of day, the fear looses all power over you” Paul explains. The treatment results were astonishing.

After her last session of hypnosis Tina was amazed. “I can actually talk about flying without my palms sweating! And most of all I almost can’t believe that I am looking forward to going on the flight! I really am looking forward to the journey”!

Tina returned from Florida three weeks later and recounted her pleasurable flying experience on the radio programme. Tina was delighted with Paul Dee’s ‘Break Through’ method of hypnosis and how it affected here flying experience. Tina’s success became clear to 96 FM listeners as she announced that she had already booked a flight for a shopping trip the following month


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