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The Hypnosis Show

The Hypnosis Show

Paul’s presentation is a sophisticated Hypnosis Show with dozens of tasteful and totally new routines skilfully mingled with the old favourites. Paul has performed countless shows over the years and takes pride in ensuring that every Hypnosis show is a memorable event for participants and audience alike. You’ll remember it for years, whether you participate or watch!

Paul Dee Live On Air

Paul Dee is Ireland’s top comedy Hypnotism entertainer. You will be intrigued and amused by the wildly entertaining actions provided by your very own friends and family. Experience “CLOSE-UP STAGE HYPNOSIS” as the stars of the show move from the stage and venture out amongst the audience under the influence of Paul’s amazing suggestions.

Paul Dee is one of the world’s very few Hypnotists who is both a stage performer as well as a qualified practicing Hypnotherapist. When hypnotized by Paul, you are in expert hands, where you will be treated to an amazing experience that you will remember fondly for years.

Paul Dee’s Show is available to hire for all events, festivities, colleges, corporate events, product launches, fundraising etc.

Paul Dee was invited to hypnotise volunteers LIVE ON AIR for Victor Barry’s ‘CTB’ programme on Cork’s RED FM radio station, his third time in as many years and the results were amazing once again! Listeners jammed the phone lines more so than ever! Here’s what Victor had to say;

” From time to time, I get amazed at our phone system. When I gave away tickets for various Paul Dee shows last night, the thing nearly blew up. If there’s a really hot topic it happens or a really big competition, but rarely to the extent of last night. We have six lines and they just kept flashing god knows how long. My new producer, Dave Macardle, could barley get a line out of the building! So by that reaction alone, I think people really enjoyed it. Its a bit different from our normal show, but as they say it was a break from the norm!”

“7 people made it and its quite bizarre to see what happens. During an ad break last night, Paul had to leave the studio and I was left with 7, completely hypnotised people. They were just standing there, heads down away in hypno land. I didn’t want to move, in case Id wake em. Well that’s what it felt like. Even Risteard came in to tell me something, but he decided to write it down. Its a moment that’ll live with me for some time! “

Victor Barry, Presenter of C.T.B. on RED FM. Click below to link to Victor’s site.