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Comedy Hypnosis Show

PaulDeeMagic_Hypnois Paul’s presentation is a sophisticated Hypnosis Show with dozens of tasteful and totally new routines skilfully mingled with the old favourites. Paul has performed countless shows over the years and takes pride in ensuring that every Hypnosis show is a memorable event for participants and audience alike. You’ll remember it for years, whether you participate or watch!

First performed in the Guinness Store House Dublin, the ‘Trance of a Lifetime’ comedy hypnosis show has been thrilling audiences around the country leaving them shaking their heads in disbelief. Paul stands on stage with a microphone and a row of empty chairs behind him, that’s it! Then he invites volunteers from the audience to be hypnotized. What follows is a hilarious evening with more laughs per minute than any other form of comic entertainment.

Paul Dee’s Comedy Hypnosis Show offers an amazing experience of the power of the human mind. It’s a show packed with laughs and the volunteers can truly relax in the knowledge that the audience will be laughing with them, not at them. Hypnotist Paul has conjured up some hilarious hypothetical real-life scenarios and the reaction from the volunteers on stage must be seen to be believed.

Comedy Fund Raising Hypnosis

Not many things generate curiosity like a Hypnosis show. Using the power of curiosity to easily generate funds for your club or organization is a no-brainer! Contact Paul Dee for information about what is provided and what little effort is required on your part to organize a Bumper Fund-Raiser! Full-Colour Posters provided.

Paul Dee’s ‘ Trance of a Lifetime’ Comedy Hypnosis Show at the Everyman Palace Theatre Cork, Ireland, attracted comments from the Media: “Defied reason.” “‘Hilarious.” “Great Fun” “Astonishing” “Highly Recommended” “Make sure you go along” “”The Craic is mighty!” “A Complete transformation”

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